Monday, July 14, 2008

The walk

This wee mission involved a hole lot of walking and not alot of paddling, all i can say is thank god it wasnt my idea as i would be a little bit gutted.

This trip (tramp) was lead by sanga, and thank god will never be repeated again.

Here are some picts....the sweet tells the story.

The start to the journey will full of enthuasim.....short lived (the crew gearing up)

At the top of the first hill, oh yes there were more than one. (the boys looking very tired)

Me (butterz) trying to manuver the kayak down the river, dam site better than walking.

Resting over the fire sharing storyies of how much the day had used our bodies.

Butters hitting up a drop on the lower lower section of the Ngaruroro river....this wasnt even on the trip...thats how average the paddling was...i had to steel a shot from another day on the river....but all in alll ther was good personal growth... and all that stufff.(but no paddling)

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