Monday, July 21, 2008

Rangitata gorge

After the holidays me and Sam decided that we were getting withdrawls again from paddling, the call was made and with a bit of txting on my part (never again) we managed to conger up a team.

We had Sam, Jared, Ash, Chris, josh and myself.

We arrived at the get out and explained to the crew the plan, loaded up the wizard six up and headed to the get in.

Here are some picts of the day...... and well done josh for stepping up and styling the pinch. (chur)

Getting on the water

Josh running No.1 rapid

Running 'Roosters Tail & Pigs Troff'

Jared Running 'Roosters Tail & Pigs Troff'

Ash running the 'Buffer'

Cheers to every one for a mint day on the water.

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sanga said...

But but you need to sort your spelling dog